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RaidTracker Privacy policy


This privacy policy is meant to help safeguard your privacy and safety with regards to RaidTracker. Whether you were on the host site where information about RaidTracker is presented, or the application where RaidTracker is installed, this page is meant to present how personally-identifiable information (as referred to as 'data' below.) is handled. Any data that is specific to the host domain, where RaidTracker is presented is referred to as "RT host". Any data that is specific to any application where RaidTracker is installed is referred to as "RT app". All RT apps apply to RaidTracker version 3.00 or later, unless otherwise specified. The demo on the RT host site is considered an RT app for purposes of this policy.

Summary of data use

TypeRT hostRT app
UsernameNo Yes
Whatever names/characters are in the account.
PasswordNoYes, encrypted. Admin has no access to password
PreferencesNoYes, stored in account when created.
EntryN/AYes. Identified by user and saved. Admin may clear log at discretion.
ChangesN/AYes. Admin may clear log at discretion
DeletionsN/AYes. Admin may clear log at discretion.
ShareNo, does not share Yes, Only if multiple installations of RT (with compatible versions) use the same database tables.
Limit shareN/ANo
1st party
N/AYes: stay logged in between sessions
1st party
N/A when RT app is updated or set days of inactivity (RT 3.x+ is 7 days)
3rd party
3rd party
Personal ID
NameN/AMaybe. Depends if in username
ID infoN/AN/A
AgeN/AN/A. App admins are responsible for restricting minors in accordance to local regulations.
e-mailN/AYes. Used only as backup for account access
Payment infoN/AN/A
System log
IP address Logs Logs, ID with creation/login
BrowserLogsLogs, possible format display
Computer OSLogsLogs
Computer ID:N/AN/A

Limitations and other notes

While this is accurate as of 2015-05-01, this is not a complete and exhaustive list. There may be situations beyond the author's control that may result in data being disclosed with or without proper authorization.

All RT app summary info listed above is based on an unmodified installation of RT on a domain. All RT app administrators are responsible for updating their privacy policies if one or more addons changes any property listed above. RT app admins are responsible for making sure only authorized users follow their privacy policy properly and for the security of the RT app installation where it is located.


Should there be any questions or comments with this policy or web site, please contact the site administrator. This includes the demo RT app hosted here, as well as the general operation of RT apps.
If there are questions about a specific live RT app implementation that is not on this site, please address these to that RT app administrator.