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RaidTracker is currently republished online. Please bear with me as the site undergoes eventual restoration. For the time being, the site home is temporarily located here. Welcome to RaidTracker.
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RaidTracker version 3.02.1 security update is ready. Feel free to download today
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RT2 is no longer supported. Upgrade to RT 3 today!

Welcome to RaidTracker

RaidTracker is an easy-to-use planning application for your events, raids, or other activities for your guild or group. Originally conceived for raids in World of Warcraft it is highly versatile to be used with your group to plan, collaborate, and organize events. No longer do you or your guild or group need to use forum signups, impromptu meetings, or bulky or incomplete schedulers. This is a very powerful application that is so easy for you and your group to use.

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Status of RaidTracker 3/Site log

2014-01-18: Version 3.02.1 is a security patch, is released.

2013-12-28: Versions 2.52 and Version 3.02 released. Note that 2.52 is the last supported version for the RT2 line. It is recommended to upgrade to 3.02 immediately.

2013-12-13: Version 3.10, on the radar, will be renamed as version 4.00.

2013-10-13: Patch 3.01.1 released to address a bug in some installations of RT.

2013-10-13: Help is finally on the site. Also due to site revisions, the menu and contents changed slightly to better suit the needs of RT 3,

2013-09-13: Version 3.01 is released. This is essentially 3.00 with some bug fixes.

2013-09-01: After sorting the final install bugs, RaidTracker 3 has been launched. It's worth the wait.

2013-08-19: RaidTracker is almost ready to go, after weeding some bugs out. Install is in progress, and I really hope to get it released next week.

2013-07-08: Finally got it set, the demo is now online. Just working on the install, and we should be set to release for beta testing.

2013-07-01: Some bugs held back some progress. But I believe in a week or two, it'll be ready for beta testing. Target date is now 17th of July.

2013-06-03: The pieces are going well. I think the next two weeks will be working the bugs out, and one week for install. Target date for release is July 1st.

2013-05-28: Database is going fine. Conversion from 2.10 -> 3.00 is done (and 2.50 should be the same). Now testing RT 3 pages, and then packaging/uploading should be up in weeks.

2013-05-22: RT 3 view pages are pretty much done, with the exception of the DKP/points system pages. I have left room for it to be expanded, but I'm considering moving it to 3.10, along with a few other changes. I need to couple up the database to RT, and the database is changing a bit-- but shouldn't be too hard to upgrade.

2013-05-17: RT 3 is progressing. As I say before, this is another rewrite of older RT. But pages are almost done. Soon, the DB will be coupled to the pages, and it shall be ready for new use. (Don't worry, I haven't forgotten the upgrade path). I keep updating in history and features what changes to expect.